Norddeutsches Kolloquium Sozialwissenschaften, Socium, Bremen

Presenting a study on the relationship between political attitudes and individual opinion towards public policies: “Determinanten der Einstellung gegenüber dem Verfahren der anonymisierten Bewerbung im öffentlichen Dienst” (“Determinants of individual preferences towards anonymous applications in public service recruitment”) on the biannual meeting of the Norddeutsches Kolloquium Sozialwissenschaften, at the Socium, University of Bremen, on February, 1st, 2019

IRSPM SIG on PSM, PhD-seminar in Utrecht

I present a preliminary version of the study “On the Support for Equal Employment Opportunity Policies: The Effect of PSM, Political Attitudes, and Public Sector Work” (together with Michael Jankowski and Markus Tepe) which addresses the questions  what drives attitudes towards EEO policies and which mechanisms lead to perceiving a trade-off between EEO policies and migrant-representation.

Thanks for organizing the PhD-Seminar “Hard questions about Public Service Motivation” to Gene A. Brewer, Adrian Ritz, and Wouter Vandenabeele and for the valuable discussions to all participants of this workshop.

IJHRM special issue seminar, 2015

Presenting joint work with Bernhard Kittel and Markus Tepe titled “What matters most? How the type and length of service provision conditions the effect of public sector employment on PSM” IJHRM Special Issue Seminar Strategic Human Resource Management and Public Sector Performance at the Utrecht University School of Governance/The Netherlands in May 2015.