Peer-Reviewed Articles

Talk or Type? The Effect of Digital Interfaces on Citizens’ Satisfaction with Standardized Public Services. Public Administration, 2021 in press, with Markus Tepe


Die individuelle Meinung öffentlich Beschäftigter zu Public Policies. Eine empirische Untersuchung am Beispiel einer Anti-Diskriminierungsmaßnahme/ Public Servants’ Individual Opinion Towards Public Policies. An empirical Investigation using the Example of an Anti-Discrimination Instrument. dms–der moderne staat–Zeitschrift für Public Policy, Recht und Management, 2021, 14(1).


Representative Bureaucracy and Public Hiring Preferences. Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment among German Municipal Civil Servants and Private Sector Employees, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 2020, 30(4) 596-618, with Michael Jankowski and Markus Tepe


Do future bureaucrats punish more? The Effect of PSM and studying Public Administration on Contributions and Punishment in a Public Goods Game, International Public Management Journal, 2019, 23(1), 84-112, with Markus Tepe


Are future bureaucrats more risk averse? The effect of studying public administration and PSM on risk preferences, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 2018, 28(2) 182-196, with Markus Tepe


Contributions to Edited Volumes


Risk attitudes, gender, and risk behavior: Evidence from two laboratory experiments, in Debus M., J. Sauermann, M. Tepe: Jahrbuch für Handlungs- und Entscheidungstheorie, Springer VS, Wiesbaden, 2019, 145-178


Laboratory experiments: Their potential for public management research, in O. James, S. Jilke and G. Van Ryzin: Experiments in Public Management Research: Challenges and Contributions, Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press, 2017, 139-164, with Markus Tepe


Other Publications


Mothers at work: The relationship between Labor Market Participation and External Child Care in Germany. Centre for Europeanisation and Transnational Regulation Oldenburg (CETRO), selected theses, ST 2015, 2, 1-19 (without peer-review)


Sicher ist sicher? Ein laborexperimenteller Vergleich der Risikopräferenzen von Studierenden der öffentlichen Verwaltung mit Studierenden der Wirtschafts- und der Rechtswissenschaften (Safe is safe? A behavioral experiment on risk attitudes and risk behavior among students of public administration, business sciences and law), Verwaltung und Management, 2013, (6) 302-312, with Markus Tepe (without peer-review)

Work in progress

Do Citizens Prefer Algorithmic Judgements to Judgements of Human Experts? An Experimental Study on in Public Student Grant Proposals, with Markus Tepe

Political Ideology and Public Sector Work: Empirical Evidence on the Individual Attitudes towards Equality and Merit in Public Hiring, with Michael Jankowski and Markus Tepe

An Experimental Treatment of Social Identity, with Ranaan Sulitzeanu-Kenan, Markus Tepe, Saar Alon-Barkat, Michael Jankowski