IIAS Study Group on Trust and Public Attitudes, 2014

Presenting the study “Let the bureaucrats decide? Exploring the Relationship between Risk Behavior and Public Service Motivation” (with Markus Tepe) on the IIAS Study Group III : Trust and Public Attitudes, Citizen Attitudes and Behaviors from an Experimental Perspective
Towards an Experimental Public Administration?, in September, 2014 prior to the EGPA annual conference in Speyer, Germany.



Annual Meeting of the DVPW working group decision theory, 2013

Presenting a collaborative research project together with Markus Tepe employing a series of lab and lab-in-the-field experiments on subject pool effects regarding the micro-motives of public servants at the annual meeting of the DVPW working group decision theory (AK Handlungs- und Entscheidungstheory) in Munich/Germany in May 2013.