Publication in PA

Talk or Type? The Effect of Digital Interfaces on Citizens’ Satisfaction with Standardized Public Services with Markus Tepe Abstract: Although digital interfaces are increasingly pervading public administration, little is known about how replacing face-to-face interaction with digital interfaces affects citizens’ satisfaction with public service encounters. This study presents evidence from a vignette experiment conducted on… Continue reading Publication in PA

Publication in dms

Die individuelle Meinung öffentlich Beschäftigter zu Public Policies. Eine empirische Untersuchung am Beispiel einer Anti-Diskriminierungsmaßnahme Zusammenfassung In Zeiten erstarkender rechter politischer Parteien kommt der Neutralität der öffentlichen Verwaltung eine besondere Bedeutung zu. Haben öffentlich Beschäftigte eine ablehnende Haltung gegenüber Policy-Zielen oder einzelnen Maßnahmen, kann das den Policy-Implementationsprozess verlangsamen oder verhindern. Insbesondere im öffentlichen Dienst sollte… Continue reading Publication in dms

Publication in JPART

Representative Bureaucracy and Public Hiring Preferences. Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment among German Municipal Civil Servants and Private Sector Employees (online first) Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, with Michael Jankowski and Markus Tepe Abstract: Drawing on Weber, this study tests whether the normative principles of merit orientation and impartiality are more prevalent in… Continue reading Publication in JPART

Talk at the University of Copenhagen in March 2020

The planned presentation of a recent study titled “The Causal Effect of Digital Interaction and Service Failure on Citizens’ Satisfaction with Routinized Public Services. Evidence from a Vignette Experiment” (with Markus Tepe) at the Department of Political Science of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark unfortunately needed to be cancelled due to the coronavirus.

Travel grant by UGO

I am grateful to receive a travel grant for attending the EPSA in Belfast/Northern Ireland, in June 2019 approved by the University Society Oldenburg (UGO).

DAAD travel grant

I am very thankful that the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) granted me a travel grant for attending the PMRC in Chapel Hill/North Carolina, USA in June 2019.

Publication in IPMJ

Do future bureaucrats punish more? The Effect of PSM and studying Public Administration on Contributions and Punishment in a Public Goods Game, International Public Management Journal (forthcoming), with Markus Tepe Abstract: This study tests the effect of PSM and studying public administration on subjects’ behavior in a repeated Public Goods Game with a costly option… Continue reading Publication in IPMJ

Talk at Rutgers University in October 2018

I presented a preliminary version of the study “Who wants to jeopardize the merit principle? Evidence from an Issue Framing Experiment among Citizens and Future Bureaucrats” (together with Michael Jankowski and Markus Tepe) which addresses the question whether critics of Equal Employment Opportunity policies are correct by stating that supporters of these policies are willing… Continue reading Talk at Rutgers University in October 2018